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Our instrument storage is what makes Studio GVIDO unique from other music studios. We store your precious instruments in the perfect environment with safekeeping/preserving knowledge we have cultivated over decades. The inside of your storage space can be freely customized. You can start playing music just moments after taking your instruments out of storage. We provide a luxurious time and space for music lovers.

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  • Customizable
  • Customizable



S / M / L

Storage Fee

Starting from 80,000 JPY/mo.

(before tax)

Repair room available


Both air conditioning and lightning system inside the storage keep the best temperature and humidity for instruments (around 20°C / 50%).


Fixtures of the storage can be customized as you like, allowing you to create any style of your own. You can attach your own storage units, such as racks or guitar hangers to the freeboard on the wall. You can consult our coordination experts on how best to plan and organize your storage space as well.


Only authorized personnel are permitted entry on this floor, which is fully equipped and under strict security measures.


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