Play loud at the rehearsal studio

The studio awaits – complete with high-functioning audio equipment to meet the needs of all kinds musicians, whether enthusiasts or professionals. Rental instruments are available as well.

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Site Area:69.4 m² / 20.99坪

Open from 10:00AM to 10:00PM
Closed on holidays except for Saturdays and Sundays, and New Year Holidays

  • Equipment List
  • Equipment List

Basic Set-up

Digital Mixer Roland M-480 + S-1608 (×2)
Side Speakers TANNOY VXP-12
Monitor Speakers TANNOY VX8m
Player Deck TASCAM CD-200iL
Piano Steinway B-211
Guitar Amp Marshall JCM2000 + 1960A
Marshall Vintage Modern + 425A
Roland JC-120
Bass Amp Ampeg SVT-3pro + SVT-810E
Drums Pearl Masters Premium MRP


Digital Piano Roland FP-80
Microphones SHURE SM58 (8)
SHURE SM57 (6)
Monitor System Roland M-48 (3)

Additional Facilities

Control Room, Sub Booth, Kitchen, Movable Bar Counter


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